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Sunflowers & Anemones

Happy Birthday!


Kelly O’Brien Koerner

Professional Tutor

English, Reading, Writing, Study Skills

Academic Support, College Prep

25+ Years Teaching/Tutoring Experience

Bachelor of Arts, English

Masters Degree, Secondary Education/Reading

Texas Teacher Certification


I tutor students who have short/long term educational goals, a desire to succeed, and a need for academic support.

I guide, mentor, encourage, instruct, inspire, and motivate students based on individual needs. 

I provide revising/editing assistance for students
of all abilities/grade levels/ages, who struggle with writing skills and strategies.

I teach critical reading and study skills strategies for any subject area.


Ellis County, Kansas


Individual Appointments:

Home, Office,

or Public Library

References available upon request.

TexKan Tutoring

"Unless someone

 like you

cares a whole awful lot,

nothing is going

 to get better.

It's not."

~Dr. Seuss

Students “Kan” Succeed.

I “Kan” Help.

5 Be-Attitudes for Tutoring Students


1. Be on time for tutoring and have all necessary materials.

2. Be mentally prepared for and motivated for tutoring.

3. Be prepared to participate in tutoring lessons.

4. Be prepared to work in cooperation with tutor.

5. Be open to inspiration and tutoring suggestions.


By Kelly O’Brien Koerner


Tutoring fills my heart with joy,

Teaching every girl and boy,

Knowing they can find success.

Can they do it? Answer, “YES!”


Making this world a better place

Embracing culture, creed, and race,

Reaching out, a helping hand,

Believe in them, beside them stand.


Finding ways to help them learn,

So much knowledge for which they yearn,

Intrinsic reward, self-motivate,

Provide support, it’s never too late.


Encourage, guide, and share a smile,

Study, review, and talk awhile,

Empathize and lend an ear,

Building confidence, reducing fear.


Recognize the light within

Open the door for her or him

Education is the key

Helping people, a mission for me.


“Never worry about the numbers.  Help one person at a time and always start with the person nearest you.”

~Mother Teresa

“Sunflowers & Shamrocks”

by Kelly O’Brien Koerner


An Irish prayer I send to you

And many thanks for all you do.

I count my blessings every day;

You are included when I pray.


Friends & family I hold dear,

Happy moments through the year.

Taking time to talk & share,

A smile, a hug, to show you care.


My life is changed by knowing you,

Laughter, stories, something new.

A happy thought, a helping hand,

When you need me, I will stand

Beside to guide or show the way,

Find the words to brighten your day.


A sunflower & shamrock from me to you,

Holiday wishes, sincere & true,

Some Irish luck, peace from above,

My poem for you is filled with love.



“Thinking of You”

by Kelly O’Brien Koerner


I offered a prayer while thinking of you,

Wanting to be there to help you through,

Lending support in what you must do,

With a smile and a hug, to remind and renew.


Cast off your worries, unburden your mind,

Focus on people and deeds that are kind.

Cherish sweet memories, shake off the doubt,

Seek comfort and solace from inside and out.


On the journey of life, you will flourish and grow,

Lessons to learn, and soon you will know.

Focus yourself on love, hope, and faith,

Courage within you, proceed and feel safe.


God has a plan, trust and take heed,

He will guide and encourage in your time of need.

May peace fill your heart, boundless and true,

This is the prayer I offer for you.


written for me by Caitlyn:


Sunflowers, Sunflowers, big & bright,

Towering over fields, so behold its light.

For they are always smiling & full of joy,

Just like a child, when they play with a toy.

Just like friends, playing a game,

But unfortunately things never stay the same.

But as long as friends stay together, smiles still shining,

The sunflowers will shine too, like a silver lining.


*This poem is special because it was written by a former student who is a talented artist and writer.  Caitlyn is truly an inspiration, and she represents the students who have touched my life as a teacher and tutor.  My students know how I feel about sunflowers, Kansas, family, and friends.  They know that I care and will do anything to help them with their goals and dreams.  They also know that I value education and choose to “pay it forward” because of the people who helped me when I was a student.  Teaching and tutoring is a life-changing experience, and my students are a blessing.  They are the sunflowers in my life,

big and bright, smiling, and full of joy.